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What is your opinion on my wedding colors?

My gown is ivory with a tiny bit of champagne color accents. The brides maids dresses are going to be lilac. The men will wear black tuxes with lilac vest and bow tie, I want the flowers to be ivory colored roses, shades of purple hydrangeas, white stephanotis, and just a touch of something pink, and silver accents.

All bows for flowers/pews/doors will be large silver bows.

So what do you think? I know its up to me and what I want, but I would just like some opinions on what you guys think! Thanks in advance!! :)
What is your opinion on my wedding colors?
That sounds beautiful. Elegance comes to mind.

For my wedding, my wedding dress was diamond white. My colors were lilac or lavender and light blue. I liked the contrast. I also wanted my bridesmaids and the men to be comfortable with the colors. (pink was out)

In the bouquets, the florist threw in some yellow and it looked beautiful. It made everything pop (all of the colors).

It sounds like your wedding is going to be absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy yourself. I hope it's everything you want it to be.
Reply:It sounds a little washed-out. Like there might not be enough contrast between the colors, and they could all end up looking white/gray/nondescript in the photos.
Reply:The ivory and lilac is lovely, but skip the silver. If you need another accent colour, go with a darker purple.
Reply:Sounds good, have you thought about putting the groom in a champagne vest to match you since you both are the stars of the day and your dress has the champagne in it?
Reply:yeah it sounds really pretty so go 4 it
Reply:I'm renewing my vows with my husband and my colors are champagne and lilac and I am putting my hubby's best man in lilac (tie and vest) in charcoal grey tuxedo as well as my Matron of Honor in lilac

With champagne,lilac and white it makes it work, you're doing just fine so, hang in there and have fun, don't stress too much about it, it will go better if you can let some of the stress go.
Reply:I think it sounds beautiful. Its soft and elegant but not over the top. Good job in my book. :0)
Reply:My opinion is..... it's beautiful.
Reply:If you love it then go for it..I'm more of a bright bold colors girl but thats just my style, go for whatever fits you best after all its YOUR big day! So have fun with it and get what you want. CONGRATS BY THE BY!
Reply:It sounds very pretty, Just not my style I like bright bold colors rather than pastels.
Reply:It sounds well thoughout and very pretty. Good Luck!
Reply:Sounds beautiful but imho, if your gown is ivory and you have champagne accents you should probably go with gold bows, not silver. I think if you were wearing white and the accent was different I would go with silver.
Reply:As long as your guys are ok wearing lilac! I had a coral wedding and my guys wore a silver vest so they didn't feel girly! But other then that, it sounds pretty!
Reply:I absolutely love it, it's soft, elegant, sophisticated, romantic, and unusual. Love it!
Reply:that's an awesome combination. i love ivory over white. its much more elegant. i also liek the idea of the lilac as well, it fits with every season
Reply:Trust me absolutely gorgeous. Those are the colors my wedding party is wearing. I love all the colors in the purple family so I chose lilac and silver for my party. I asked the question the other day about the flowers what colors and people said it is ok to do other purples inside of the bouquets instead of just keeping it plain and simple with just lilac, so we will have lilac, silver and a few hints of two more purples. Good Luck.

What color should my bridesmaid dresses be, in order to match my dress and flowers? included!?

My bridesmaid's and I are trying to figure out what color/stye their dresses should be. We're all at a complete loss so any advice would be great! (especially if you can provide links! :) )

As of right now the only two colors I'm working with are white and a pale blue (the color of the hydrangeas in my bouquet below)

We would prefer not to have them wear light blue dresses, so what other color would also look good? and of course...what style do you think is best?

Below are the links to my dress, my bouquet, and my venue, and the church, just to give you an idea of the feel of my wedding.

(it should be noted that the reception will probably be mostly white, with some light blue and potentially silver accents....very clean and the bridesmaid's dresses won't neccessarily have to match or be incorporated into the venue)

oh and this is an April 2009 wedding!

Thanks so much for all your help! I look forward to your answers!

What color should my bridesmaid dresses be, in order to match my dress and flowers? included!?
I would think that a nice pale yellow or a pale green color would look beautiful in that room.

Maybe something along the lines of these colors...
Reply:Liked the suggestion of a pale green. What about pale yellow? If your bouquet has a pinkish rose in it, what about pale pink? Just be sure to have lots of contrast between dress color and flowers so they'll show nicely in pics.
Reply:Periwinkle or lavender would be nice, even a dusty rose or the right shade of green...

Seafoam is pretty -

Sapphire -

Dark lilac -
Reply:I have gone for a blue and white wedding, my dress has a very pale blue in it so for my bridesaids instead of going for the same blue, their dreses are royal blue. Its goes with alll the flowers as we are having blue hyasithms and hydrangeas.

Hope you have a lovely day, and good luck
Reply:I would go with periwinkle or any spring colors. I would also add more color to bouquet, it is dull looking.
Reply:Your wedding is going to be beautiful. I was thinking that dresses in the color of champagne would be beautiful. These can be accessorized with beautiful flowers in their hair that could be a blue to match your bouquet. Congralutations. Just remember that's it's not the wedding that matters, but the marriage.
Reply:I also think a silver would be nice. It would accent everything perfectly.
Reply:I love his show and love these dresses. It's real housewives of orange county. no idea where they got the dresses, but it is Lauri's wedding episode 3-11 (season 3 episode 11). and that green is the prettiest colour. I saw your bouquet, and i think this green dress would really pop with bouquets like that.

you have to scroll to like the 5th picture.

i think it is chartreuse
Reply:i was going to saw baby blue until i saw the reception room, now I've changed my mind to a pale satin green. fabulous dress, have a wonderful day.
Reply:I think this dresses might work for you. Best wishes!!! -----%26gt; that one on the celery color
Reply:Pale yellow would match everything beautifully.
Reply:I love olive greens or deep greens....nothing lighter than's an example...

My girls dresses are truffle (chocolate brown) and it has been a great color to work with.

I love this dress in truffle (you'll have to click on the truffle color box!) sort of matches your gown style...

You could have a pale blue and chocolate brown color scheme....but again, I'm so drawn to the browns!

Have fun deciding and best wishes to you!!
Reply:I think that a medium blue color would be really nice, I'm not into silver so much and I think that turquoise or teal would clash witht hte hydrangeas as would a really ice blue, April is gorgeous in San Diego so I think I would do teal length dresses, maybe somethinf either lacy or filmy to go with your dress and the reception site.

This in cornflower maybe:


Here is a good picture of the cornflower:

This is great:

and this:

blue version of this is nice:
Reply:A pale yellow would be nice.
Reply:I think a light purple or light yellow would be pretty. Also, silver would be nice as well.
Reply:I think a pale green would be fabulous

I love natural a cappuchino colour would look fab against the white on your dress.. I think you should go for a natural colour, so it wont look tacky.and something that will look well in the venue aswell because theres lots of natural colours in that room
Reply:I love the flowers and your dress is so stunning! You definatly should not have dresses so matchy matchy. What about picking up the soft green or the crisp green in your bouquet. The color of the hypernicum (berry type filler) is very crisp.

#78 Kiwi i think is cool with blues and greens or

#41 Celery

Look for the greens in the next two

good luck! :)

Gerbera Daisies & boutonnieres & corsages???

I'm doing all of my own flowers and I'm mainly using Gerbera daisies %26amp; hydrangeas for my wedding bouquet and for the Bridesmaids. However, they are too large for corsages and boutonnières so I don't know what flower to use. Does anyone have a somewhat inexpensive idea? Also, my colors are alternating BM dresses of Wine %26amp; Dark purple.. what color gerberas would look good in a September wedding? I was thinking opposite gerbera daisies for the BM, but I'm afraid since they are both dark colors they'll drowned each other out.. any suggestions?
Gerbera Daisies %26amp; boutonnieres %26amp; corsages???
For the the boutonnieres you could always use carnations. They are a fairly inexpensive flower, and they look nice. Here is an example of what the carnation boutonneire's and corsages would look like...

As for the BM' said that you had them in alternating colors, which will look beautiful, do you also want them to have alternating bouquets? Or would you prefer they all had the same bouquets?

For the BM bouquets you could get the white gerbera daisies, then add in some different color carnations (they come in a purple could add a burgundy or mauve color to the bouquet as well). Mums are also in season, and that is a fairly affordable flower as well. You may also want to look into the mini gerbera daisies as well as the mini carnations.

I hope that this helps! Good luck :)
Reply:A single gerbera daisy looks silly for a boutonniere, just so you know. Better to use several mini asters - they look very close, and come in beautiful fall colors.
Reply:I'm getting married in November... and our colors are burgundy and gold/yellow... both of which are Gerbera colors. We've decided to use regular Gerberas for the bridesmaids to carry... and mini gerberas and simply use 1 flower for the guys. Gerberas come in great and bright colors! So... have lots of fun with it!!
Reply:Use mini-gerbera daisies for the men. That's what I'm doing for my FH. I'm having a hand tied bouquet of red gerbera daisies, and he's having a red mini boutonnière.

Good luck, and Congratulations!
Reply:Why not use the hydrangeas for the corsages and boutonnières?
Reply:My Bridesmaids wore dark purple and my flower girl wore off white with dark purple and yellow flowers, so the bouquets were purple with some yellow flowers and ribbons.
Reply:I think if you had white gerber daisies or white hydrangeas for the BM with orange, yellow, and purple gerber daisies it would like nice!

Go to

She has tons of ideas! Even pictures of bridesmaids in wine colored dresses!!!

Wedding dinner menu?

I want to do a sit down dinner with servers, i know that can get super expensive, but.. i dont have all that much money. what are some good yet simple and possibly a little on the cheaper side menu ideas. I know we both want fried green beans, those are our favorite food. what can we have to compliment those. we are also going to do a fruit/cheese/veggie table with a chocolate fountain and punch fountain and have 3 cakes, one of which is a surprise he doesn't know about. my wedding cake is red velvet and his will be probably something lemon. his favorite. we are doing black and white with a little pink (in the flowers, mini calla lillies, pink and white hydrangeas.) i want the food to match the elegant simple wedding. if that makes any sense.
Wedding dinner menu?
You could do a "pasta alredo" type of dish where they toss some shrimp or (even cheaper) grilled chicken into the dish. That way it's mostly pasta, which is not expensive. You could serve that w/ a side of broccoli spears or green beans, or broccolini, maybe some "matchstick" veggies of carrots, squash, and zucchini. They'd be pretty on the plate and are not expensive veggies like asparagus. Serve rolsl and butter on the table. Wedding cake(s) for dessert along w/ choc. fountain. The fruit/cheese/veggie trays would be good for snackign on after the meal, while dancing or whatever goes on.

To be honest, I know you both love fried green beans, but I dont' see them as "elegantly simple." Plus, it is very difficult to serve a sit-down meal to numerous guest w/ fried food coming out hot and tasty. Often it just comes out cold and grasy, and that is just how large-group plate assembly goes. So, I'd suggest skipping them, and just eat plenty on your honeymoon! :-)
Reply:do a fondu type menu then. Finger foods. Sliced meats, chicken pieces, steak pieces, and have like teriyaki or cheese(multi flavors) fondu %26amp;veggies etc.) Include a dessert fondu with marshmellows, fruit, poundcakes, gram crackers, and cookies to dip into milk choc and white choc fondu and/or whipped creams(cold). Have small baby choc chips or spinkles to have to dip too. this can fit the black and white theme.
Reply:A marinated pork roast would compliment your green beans and sliced elegantly beside them could be some marinateded beets for color and taste,some roasted heirloom potatoes,,some sliced heirloom tomatoes with a champagne vinegrette,all colors ,with rosemary and lavendar and some sauteed greens in a red wine vinegar,with garlic and lemon .Garnish with fresh flower petals and sprigs of rosemary.Wishing you a happy life..
Reply:I would serve chicken or pasta. Usually those are the least expensive. I know you really want the green beans, but I don't think they'll turn out that good. When they try to fry that many beans, they'll probably just be greasy and gross... :( . I'd have bread and butter on the tables, have a lettuce salad and dressing served first, then chicken with mashed potatoes and a veggie. Then cake. I think you'll just have to check with your venue/ caterer and see what's the best they can do per plate.
Reply:pasta is cheap! served with a red or white sauce.

you can do chicken cordon bleu with a rice pilaf and fried green beans (love them btw!)

or chicken crouquettes (like crab cakes but made from chicken) with gravy, whipped potatoes and fresh steamed, sorry fried, green beans

you sound a lot like me but i'm having ours buffet style with a home cooking kind of feel to the food.
Reply:I would start with either a simple mixed green salad or a creamed soup like, cream of shrimp. A little of something expensive can go a long way in making the meal seem elegant. There are some great chicken breast recipies like Chicken oscar or chicken parmesean that don't seem like just ordinary chicken. I'd also try to serve an additional meat, Maybe a pineapple glazed ham for those who don't like chicken. Mashed sweet potaotes with honey, butter,and pecans would go good with either meat and your green beans will add a lovely color to the plate. Personaly I'd stay away from pasta unless your family and friends are big eaters. Only because to me pasta is too every day like mac %26amp; cheese

I need help with flowers for my wedding! HELP!?

I will be getting married in a little over a year. Our colors will be green and black. My Fiance is in the Army, and he will be wearing his Class A's, which are dark green. My dress is white with ivory pearls and embroidery. The groomsmen will be wearing black tuxes. I want to use silk flowers, because I would like black flowers. I was thinking of some sort of black flower, gardenias, and green hydrangeas. Could you tell me what you think about maybe using other kinds of flowers, tell me what types to use, and what color you think the bridesmaid dresses should be, along with an accent color for the dresses? I really like green, white, and black together so I'm sticking with these colors. Also, it will be a summer wedding, so In-Season flowers are preferrable. Thank you very much! Any comments are greatly appreciated!
I need help with flowers for my wedding! HELP!?
I think the bridesmaids would look great in either black or green (or even black with a green sash or green with a black sash). You could just get them all to buy a black dress that way they get to choose a style that will suit them and they can wear again.

As for flowers:

I love this bouquet with black leaves rather than black flowers- you could tie it with a green ribbon:

Black calla lillies:

Black irises:

You could go for real: black leaves or black flowers such as black calla lillies or black irises. Some florists will also dye certain (real) flowers black for you (e.g. Orchids stems can be put into black colouring, which will make the flowers turn black- the same as they do to get blue orchids).

Sometimes silk black flowers can look really fake as they're kind of shiny due to the dark colouring - so look for good quality if you really must go with fake.

I'd also suggest mixing up the black with green or white (or both) just so the bouquets aren't too dark, as they won't photograph as well if you have a whole lot of all black flowers clumped together.

If you were to go for black bridesmaid dresses, I think green and white flowers would look really nice (e.g. the first link above). A green or white flower to go with the black tuxes would also look good, rather than having black on black.
Reply:Have you thought of using feathers in your bouquets? My sister got married in October, and her colors were red, gold, and black. We used fluffy black feathers like these ostrich feathers: and red silk roses. You could use a pale green for the flowers, like these: which looks AWESOME with a darker green, like your fiance's uniform. In fact, shades of green are pretty easy to mix. Green is a great neutral in florals (have you ever heard anyone say "Those green leaves don't match that flower!"? Of course not.), so you can pretty much go with whatever green catches your eye. Same with the bridesmaids dresses, though a pale granny-smith-apple green would be really pretty. I'd avoid the muddy sage color that was so popular a few years ago. It's just kind of bland. You could also go with knee length black dresses for the bridesmaids- much easier for them to wear again.
Reply:If you are wearing ivory I would use cream,green and black together as your colors as white would be stark against the other colors. With that in mind, you could spray carnations (mini or medium) black or even roses that are cream with black tips. Also spray baby's breath a cream color. The bridesmaid dresses could be either green with cream sashes or cream with green sashes.
Reply:I would put the bridesmaids in a lighter version of the greens in your fiances Class A's with the black flowers. OR.. black and white dresses with a green sash. Solid black dresses, and you won't see the black flowers.
Reply:pink accents might look nice...a soft pink or a bright pink might be the "lift" that it needs.
Reply:that would be cool here are some links i found of flower ideas

And for the dresses i found these and have a black sash or and have a green or white sash
Reply:I am looking in to silks and this is the site I found what I needed. They have a color spray you can buy and you can use it on real or fake flowers I suggest looking under floral supply when you google. Here is the site I am getting my stuff from. Good luck your bestfriend will be Researching for this stuff now you are on the right track! Best wishes!
Reply:If you're using silk flowers, why do you care whether or not they're in season? I don't mean to sound cheeky, but that's part of the benefit of using fake vs. real flowers, right? You get more freedom in what you choose to use!

Try looking for a lot of white blooms to throw in there to avoid making the decor look too gloomy. There are plenty of different types of greenery to choose from, so it should tie in COMPLETELY with your color scheme! White Dendrobium Orchids are BEAUTIFUL and in season between April and August. Chrysanthemum and Dahlias are also beautiful, white, summer flowers.

As far as black flowers go, I just found out about the black viola - they're BEAUTIFUL! ( )

Another really pretty (black and white) flower is the Penny Black Nemophila. ( )

I see no reason that your bridesmaids couldn't wear green or black. Black is a very elegant colour, and green can be very cheery, although if you're worried about clashing with the colour green the groom will be wearing, maybe it'd be better to stick with the black. (I'm guessing you don't want to share the white..!)
Reply:Calla Lily would be great for your wedding, it has a long green stalk with a white petal. The meaning of the flower is beauty.
Reply:green tea roses can look gorgeous!

you could always tie the stems in black ribbon
Reply:First, there are real black flowers, so think about that. Black Magic Roses are near black and there are dark purple calla's that also look black. If you want to do something a little more affordable ask a florists for alternative suggestions. Even if you don't have a florist make the arrangements, they can help you find flowers that work with your color scheme. There are so many options out there, you need an expert to help you narrow it down.

In regards to the girls dresses, black might be a little severe for summer, but if you do a cute short dress, or a black and white floral print, it could be very cute!
Reply:Well, first, let me try to talk you out of the black flowers; if you use silk flowers, it would really look better to use ones as close looking to fresh as possible. Since black flowers don't exist in nature, I would stick with the green and ivory for the flowers themselves. Maybe white roses and green hydrangeas with black ribbon and maybe a hint of black feathers! That would be fabulous!

If you wanted to add another color to this, I would suggest a pink; pink %26amp; green, pink %26amp; black are very nice together!
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  • Wedding centrepieces- green/cream/chocolate brown colour theme?

    My wedding theme colours are apple green, cream, and chocolate brown.. my preferred flowers are hydrangeas, mums, and herbs...

    I am looking for ideas (with pix) for wedding centrepieces that are cheap, and the colours I need, I am flexible on the type of flowers (tho I really love mums and hydrangeas, lol)...

    If you know of any websites with pix I can check out for ideas, or of any specific pix or links of centrepieces in my theme, please pass along the link!

    PS- wedding is in 4 months... thanks!
    Wedding centrepieces- green/cream/chocolate brown colour theme?
    These are pretty unique
    Reply:hmmm, i like the hydranges and mums but together you have to very lush flowers and they tend to look busy together. I would suggesting keeping the hydrangeas and accenting it with a more delicate flower like a lilly, peony, anenomes...

    this is an example of using hydrangeas, button mums and fiddlbacks (fernlings) if you added some white anemones i think that would be beutiful....
    Reply:I love the herbs idea, as well as the color scheme you picked. This is what I digged up, personally liked, and thought was possible for 4-months til the wedding.

    The last one downloads to the desktop. My favourite is the second one.
    Reply:Do not let people sway your color choice. I just read an article on the new "it" wedding color schemes and that was one of them, so bravo! I can't find the website anymore, but they had pictures of centerpieces that had white and offwhite flowers and green hydrangeas. I believe there was some pink mixed in.

    I love the green apples used in the post above!
    Reply:Sounds like a cool color combo. I like the link provided above by Gracie M (the first one) The apples in the centerpeices is neat. Especially the more simple ones with the "fish bowl" and the apple and the rocks. You could replace the rock with brown candy (choco pieces or M%26amp;M's that are all brown with your initials on them).
    Reply:I'm telling you they are not going to be thinking "oh, she's so beautiful!" They'll be thinking, "What the hell was she thinking?" You colors are overwhelming and are going to distract the importance of the event, your wedding. That green has to go.
    Reply:Try Google Images. They'll have thousands of images to choose from. Just adjust what you see according to your budget.

    Ummm, those colors make me think of chocolate mints!

    How can I decorate the pews inexpensively for the ceremony?

    I am on a tight budget and had not intended to decorate the pews in the church for the ceremony in Oct. But other people are telling me that it is sooo important as that is the first thing your guests see when they come into the church..... I am having 2 large arrangements on the altar. My friend used a spray of hydrangeas tied to a satin ribbon for each pew, but I am getting married in Denver and it is too dry for hydrangeas to hold up. My florist said it would be a minimum of $25 per pew and I would need to do at least 10. Do you feel this is important? Any low cost ideas would be appreciated!
    How can I decorate the pews inexpensively for the ceremony?
    I have honestly never seen pews decorated at any wedding I have attended. I can't imagine anyone being scandalized by it either because they are not important. Since you're on a tight budget, use the money elsewhere to upgrade something that guests will actually remember (food and music) and skip the pew decorations.
    Reply:for our wedding we used pew bows all u do is go to the dollar store get ribbon and fake flowers use the ribbon the thick kind to make a bow and then put the flower in the middle of the bow this would only cost 20-30 or less
    Reply:If you have two nice arrangements at the front of the church decorating the pews with flowers really isn't necessary. If you don't want to decorate the pews, then don't bother. It's one more expense and thing for you to fiddle with when you already have a lot on your mind, plus big bows and fabric can make it cumbersome for your guests getting in and out of the pews. If you decide to decorate them you can look for coupons for Michael's in the Sunday paper and go buy inexpensive supplies (ribbon, bows, etc.). Michael's also has a couple of 'wedding sales' a year. A friend of mine bought bows, netting, fabric, etc. at the dollar store for her pews and no one had a clue as to how much it cost. might have some items you could use as well.
    Reply:You can buy a bolt of tulle for about $15. Cut the tulle in half width wise. You will now have two pieces of tulle 15 yards long by 20-22" wide. Starting at the front of the church secure the tulle to the pews allowing it to drape gracefully. You don't have to do all the pews. Just the first few rows. You can add either bows or flowers to accent. For bows you can buy a spool of tulle 6" wide and 15 yards long for $6 You will easily get one bow per yard.

    Heres an example with flowers and flower petals instead of bows
    Reply:Not even a little bit necessary and sometimes those decorations are really annoying. You have to worry about knocking them off the pew when you're trying to get in. I didn't have any pew decorations and it looked fine. I also refused to buy any flowers for the church, because they were totally rude. It looked fine without, of course they didn't let us take any pictures after the ceremony, only during, which makes no sense at all and is what prompted me to not decorate it at all.

    Liz's picture is really nice, but how are the guests supposed to get in and out of the pews? Making them go around to other side is kind of rude.
    Reply:Those cones are pretty- that's a good idea, if you're crafty.

    For our wedding, we had six markers- I put them on every other pew in the front. That way, they were in the pictures, but I didn't have to spend a small fortune decorating the fifty pews in my church!

    I wouldn't stress about this, if it's really going to impact your budget or be difficult for you to pull off, don't do it. Honestly, no one will miss them if you don't.
    Reply:I bought pre-made pew bows from Michael's made out of chiffon and we put them on every other pew, I think 8 or 10 came in each box. It was just enough to make it look nice and not like you were going to church on a Sunday. Whats the point on spending thousands on flowers that you will only see for a 1/2 hour or an hour tops. My cousin spent $10,000 on flowers for the ceremony alone and the day after the flowers were just hanging in their house dying. What a waste.
    Reply:Hi and congratulations!

    If you are on a tight budget....forget decorating the pews! Don't listen to those that tell you to. Really, it is hardly noticed OR appreciated. You will certainly not be looked down upon. Also, if you do want to....check with the church first! I work as a church secretary and you can't believe the things people want to do to decorate!! Check with the church office first. If it is OK, and you still want to do something, there are many, many, many sellers of "pew bows" on Ebay. Some are as little as $2 each!

    Check out Ebay....but, again, don't feel pressured if you are on a limited budget. Your guests will be looking at you....not how you have the church decorated!
    Reply:Start by finding beautiful but inexpensive ribon. Then make your own bows. if you don't know how email me. Even just a bow will give a great look and there is such a variety of pretty ribbons. This way they are decorated but you didn't go broke for the 20 minute part of the day.
    Reply:silk flowers with ribbon, much cheaper.
    Reply:My first comment is no, it isn't important to decorate the pews and really no one is going to be like 'omg I cannot believe it I went to her wedding and she didn't even decorate the pews!!' I don't know what your colors are or if this seems like something you'd be interested in, but I'll tell you what we are doing. We are on a tight budget too but I want to decorate. I bought white tulle (you can get inexpensively from ebay stores or Walmart) and I am going to hang tulle the whole way down, tying it on every other pew and sprinkling fake lavender rose petals inside the tulle...I have a picture if you want to see. It isn't my wedding but it's how I plan to do it. If you want to see the pic email me scent.sational@hotmail
    Reply:You can use silk flowers (the high quality ones, not dollar tree ones that scream IM FAKE! from across the room). Another option would be to drape tulle along the aisle and have a few petals scattered in it very inexpensively.

    Depending on what you have chosen for centerpieces you may be able to construct some pillars and have them do double duty as your reception decor.

    Honsetly's not that important to decorate the pews. The church is already beautiful and the pews really don't show up in your photos. Once they reach their seats most people are busy chatting....not scrutinizing if you decorated your pews or not.
    Reply:A nice concept that can be very affordable but only if it matches your colors, go to a flower shop that sells supplies and get very small (2"-3") foam oaisis balls, get a ton of button mums (the green ones) and use floral glue and pins to adhear them to the balls, tie a ribbon to the top of each and hang from the pews. Probably would cost around $100 tops....

    Or you can just use a really nice silk ribbon in your wedding color and tie it with a hardy flower that will withstand the heat, say a cymbidium orchid, you can buy a stem of betwen 15-20 blooms for about $25 through flower markets.
    Reply:I just made flowers for my pews. They cost me about $10.00 ea. this will show you how to make them.

    Reply:Decorating the pews always depends upon how big the church is, how formal it is and is there enough room for you to walk down the aisle in your dress and with the decor.

    Ideas for October-

    Ivory/White double sided ribbon, tied with a simple knot, having one piece lay over the other straight down to the floor. In the knot glue some leaves, nicely arranged and not to pouffy. Sparsely glue leaves on the ribbon here and there down to the floor. ( Or use greenery, or mums ect.)

    At the base of the pew on the floor have a potted plant that is very hardy like mums. Only use those at the base of the pew where you are going to be sitting family.
    Reply:We didn't use any decorations for our church. Usually the church is pretty enough. It worked out fine.