Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do Hydrangeas attract bees?

Yes, a bit more then other flowers. No, its not really the smell, its the colors. Bees are attracted to bright, intricately patterned flowers.

some flowers, like the day Lilly, have lines that seem to point inward, towards the pistols and stamen, this is basically a directional guide say, the pollen is over here!

Hydrangeas are big, bold flowers with dark centers, and they are mostly flat flowers, meaning the bee doesn't have to go as far to get to the pollen.
Do Hydrangeas attract bees?
I would think so to gather the pollen
Reply:Yes, they do. (All flowers attract bees.)
Reply:most flowers do
Reply:I consider it a compliment when the bees are buzzing around my flowers. Mother Nature at work.
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