Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's eating my hydrangeas?

I planted 2 hydrangeas last summer. They are starting to come up now but something is eating the edges of the leaves, especially the verigated one. I see no bugs on the leaves, but I was wondering if chipmunks like hydrangeas leaves since there are a few in my garden from time to time? How would I know if that's it and what should I do? I try to be green so organic solutions are preferred. Pesticides scare me since I am not a very savvy gardener and I am afraid I will kill the local pets and my garden if I get it wrong! Can anyone help me?
What's eating my hydrangeas?
It might be mites. There's a picture in the link below (you'll have to scroll almost to the bottom of the page) that you can look at to determine if that's the problem.

Chipmunks dig under hydrangeas but I don't believe they eat the leaves. Try getting a cat! I'm learning chipmunks don't like cats but don't have a problem with dogs...go figure! Anyway - best to you!

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